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Sunday, July 14, 2019

When the Silence Screams

A hard blog to write...
"When the Silence Screams"
Shared at great risk -- because of the haters and those who want our kids to just go away who are looking at any excuse or reason to call CPS/APS on us for "exploiting" our kids.
But I had to share this blog.
The world needs to HEAR this blog.
Brandon's pain.
Pharma-funded and controlled legislators are not hearing our voices with regard to vaccine fraud & corruption and our parental right to refuse a liability-free medical procedure.
Maybe they'll hear his.
I am exploiting not my son - but what has happened to him.
So that this holocaust against our children can be stopped!
Because if our right to refuse isn't upheld, our children's stolen dreams will be piled higher than rotting shoes at a holocaust museum.
That was government mandated with no ability to refuse, too.
Just like vaccination is fast becoming.

* * * 

I have tried to process the whiplash from being so high with HOPEISM at the sheer multitude of warriors lining up and speaking out against the removal of vaccine exemptions in many states; then the lowest of lows from the stunning defeat of Pharma-paid politicians in removing those exemptions anyway, despite the magnitude of truth presented to them at those hearings...

This one example from my "Life with Autism, Seizures, & a side of PANDAS" is why I named my primary blog, "From hell to HOPEISM".

My life is indeed a daily journey from hell to HOPEISM.

On a good day I arrive at that HOPEISM with barely the scent of smoke.

Other days - third degree burns from those moments, minutes, hours, or seemingly endless days in hell.

I was recently interviewed for a story regarding my sons vaccine injury...

One of the questions was, "Describe for me a good day with Brandon."

I tried to explain how there are no "good days" - there are simply moments that are easier, moments where you get a glimpse of what would have been, --- and moments where you wonder if the smile you captured in your child is pure, or if it's just yeast...

Like those moments of pure HOPEISM when I felt this was truly the moment the avalanche of truth would smother the lies -  in listening to the live feed from hearings in different states where warrior mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, physicians, nurses all shouted together "I OPPOSE!" - --only to be met with the scorch of hell as each one of their pleas fell on deaf, pharma-funded politician ears.

A time or two (or three) I have had moments of sheer panic as I wondered what the future holds for my #Grandfishy and the rapid-fire vaccine mandates.

We are poisoning our babies.

Babies are born healthy, not in need of toxins and viral and bacterial cocktails injected in their pure, their sacred, their perfectly created blood stream.

My own son was born healthy, and before I ever gave him a chance to remain that way, I allowed those vaccine cocktails.

I allowed all of them. 

On time. 

Every time.

I wasn't "Pro-Vax" - I was "I didn't know any better but to vax!"

I'm not even "Anti-Vax" now.

I am "hell-no-never-again-like-ever" woke-vax!

Vaccines didn't make my son healthy.

He is sick!

And despite the hundreds of thousands of dollars we've thrown into treatments for him, he is only getting sicker!

Incredibly medically fragile with respect to autoimmune issues!

Vaccines stole his voice.

They stole his milestones.

They stole everything his future might have held for him.

Not to mention all it has stolen from us as his parents, our marriage, our "other" son, our family, and our friends.

It has stolen our empty nest, our retirement, our savings, our golden years.

Our ability to die in peace.

It is even now trying to scare us into silence.

The medical kidnapping we see over and over and over if we dare disagree with a doctor.

If we dare complain at the callous disregard shown to our vaccine-injured children, youth, & adults.

I complained about the care my son was being denied in IVIG for his doctor-documented PANDAS diagnosis - and a week later received a formal letter from the practice my son was a part of -  saying that they could no longer see my son as a patient and that I would have to find a new clinic for him.

They want us to go away.

They wish we never existed, which is ironic in that the same people who wish this, are the very ones who caused "this".

If you dare share the truth about vaccines publicly, if you dare share that proof in pictures, you will be turned in to CPS or in my case, APS.

Adult Protective Services.

(They've been called to report me twice now for sharing pictures of Brandon's vaccine injury.  And twice now I have been cleared of any exploitation or wrongdoing.)

To silence you further from speaking or sharing the truth of "how vaccines save lives."

How "safe and effective" vaccines actually are.

Even our own families cannot handle the sharing of the truth.

We are deemed "too negative".

Which makes me laugh when I hear that...

People who say that have no idea of the strength we have.  How positive we must truly be mentally just in order to survive.

We share the truth to a world that does not want the truth.

It's too inconvenient.

It's too hard.

It's not something that can be prayed away, wished away, or wiped away.

I decided long ago that Brandon's, and my, legacy would be one of truth.

People will know what happened to him.

People will see it.

And today, people will hear it.

For a week we have dealth with these brain-on-fire flares.

For a few precious moments, the HOPEISM of laughter in my brother's pool.

The ride home, pure hell.

No, there's not a pill to fix it.

No, I can't 'spank it out of him' as so many are told they should do.

No, we couldn't pull over and calm him, -- been there, tried that.

Hercules isn't even strong enough when he's in this state to hold his hands down so he doesn't bite them!

And no...

There's not a vaccine to reverse the vaccine injury.

We must simply get home as quickly as possible, do what our doctor told us to do to help calm him; but mostly, we must simply wait.

For whatever it is that is causing his brain to be on fire, to calm down.

For the flames to extinguish.

A virus?

A headache?

A migrane?


When your son has been forever silenced by vaccination to "prevent" a week long fully recoverable febrile illness,  - how do you help them?

How do you know what hurts?

How do you afford what could help when you've spent all you have just to get him to this point?

You don't.

You simply endure.

You do all you can to keep your child safe, you cry tears of regret for not knowing the truth of vaccination, and you wait.

For when the silence stops screaming.

For the fire to be extinguished.

And then you savor that moment.

For as long as it may last.

In the car on the way home as quickly and safely possible, there was nothing else I could do for my son...

So I recorded him.

I wanted to have this video to bring should I get a chance to stand in line at a hearing and voice my opposition to vaccine exemptions being removed.

Or rather his.

I want them to hear my son's opposition to what was mandated for him without true informed consent for me.

I recorded this because I want the world to know the truth about vaccination.

That I'm not crazy.

Or making it up.

Or any of the number of things parents are being accused of when they are simply begging for help.

When they are saying what is happening to their children that no one hears or believes.

I record these flares and all the seizures to have as proof.

Proof of what happens after vaccination...

When the silence screams.


Click the red link, and listen.


And think...

If you are over 50 - do you remember children like this?

No, you don't.

Because there weren't any.

Show me an unvaccinated child after getting natural measles doing this for the rest of their life!

This - what my son has been reduced to thanks to vaccination to prevent measles!

Immunization from liability is the only "immunization" vaccines provide.

Much like the only benefit of vaccination is profit for those who make them.

Watch this video from the same week as the one above:

Watch him and look at him when he is looking at you, and out loud to your computer or phone screen, ask him which he would rather have --

A week of measles or a lifetime of this?

I hope his pained expression and his screaming silence leaves no doubt as to his answer.

And ours!

I love you Brandon!!!

I am so very sorry I didn't have a tribe to speak truth regarding vaccines in the past so that you could have a different future.

Living life on the edge of crazy yet not too far from sane --

                Michelle M Guppy


If anyone would like to help Brandon....

It is hard to ask for help - but I am going to ask for Brandon's sake.

He's been in a continuous cycle of flares --- he has been and still is seen by the best mainstream physicians - yet the only medication that has helped Brandon with both seizures and the horrific PANS/PANDAS flares - has been Texas Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana.

Brandon has a Baylor Neurologist who has prescribed Compassionate Cultivation Medical Marijuana for him.

But it is not covered by private insurance or medicaid.

If you are NOT in the autism community - I ask of you to please consider helping us provide this for him.  We are not able to give the full amount prescribed simply due to cost.  And Brandon is someone who needs the full prescription amount for as severely affected by both as he is.

If you would like to be part of the village it takes to help Brandon - I do have a Pay Pal Account for the purpose of anyone donating there to help purchase the medical marijuana for Brandon.

Or you can contact Compassionate Cultivation in Texas - and donate on account for Brandon Guppy's prescription.

Thank you......

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