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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Back to the future.

Apgar 9/10. 

That's as close to a perfectly healthy baby as you can get. 

And the first thing that must change in how we do things if we are to keep our children who were born healthy, healthy through life.

Look at the picture again.  Everything about my son's birth screamed "healthy" - "normal."

He was healthy!

So why? 

Why in the world did I ever allow a medical establishment tell me that to keep him healthy, I would have to inject him with unhealthy chemicals and viruses and antibiotics and neurotoxins?  I wish I could get in my time machine and go back to the past, not allow what I allowed, and then go into the future to see what different outcome I would have. What would have happened had I just "gone home and loved him" when he was born instead of hearing my Pediatrician tell me those words after he was diagnosed with autism?  After all those "well visits" I dutifully attended where my healthy baby was injected with harmful illnesses, which in fact, did not make him healthy, but rather made him sick. What would have happened if I had only gone to my Pediatrician when my son was sick with something that couldn't be treated at home and left to run its harmless course? What would have happened if as a Christian I would have simply believed that God would not have created a healthy baby to need any other immune system protection than what a Mother's breast milk could provide?

I guess I'll never know.

You can scream "vaccines save lives" all you want - but in this day and age of sanitation, healthy food, and knowledge of how to eat properly for optimal health, that simply doesn't fly. 

Right now, vaccines chronically maim more lives than they save from acute illnesses that most would overcome with no lasting effects.

On that printout above that I took a picture of, the rest of the twelve pages is a painstaking detailed chronology of each doctor visit my son had.  You parents of today have it so easy, now most doctor's notes are typed in.  I had to spend hours upon hours deciphering caveman chicken scratch!

* That office visit is dated 1/4 when my son was born.
* The next office visit was 1/14 -- HepB-1 vaccine.
* The next office visit was  2/21 -- for thrush and congestion
* The next office visit was 3/3 -- DTP-1, Hib-1, OPV-1, 1PV-1, HepB-2.  Smiles, occasionally sleeps through night.
 * The next office visit was 5/5 -- more multiple vaccines.  Rolling, reaching and bringing things to midline.
* The next office visit was 6/21 -- more thrush, plus diaper rash, and eczema.
* The next office visit was 6/30 -- for more multiple vaccines and more steroid cream for a worse rash.  Crawling.

He had thrush, yet with no time to recover from that or from the previous visit's multiple vaccinations, he was given more vaccinations and as a result had worsening conditions.

The eczema.  It clearly states in textbooks that eczema is an autoimmune disorder and you should not ever vaccinate anyone with eczema or an autoimmune disorder - yet he was.

The rest of the pages are more of the same.  Ear infections, antibiotics, and my favorite, a fever the day I brought him in for ear infection recheck, and he received three more multiples on that visit.  You don't vaccinate a sick child!  I didn't know that then, but the doctor should have.

After that the diarrhea begins.

His language ends.

Receiving two rounds of MMR vaccinations before 30 months of age is what I believe was the nail in his coffin.

All I can ask myself over and over and over, is, "Why?"  Why did I allow that?  Why didn't I know better?  Why did an alarm not go off and tell me to put the brakes on more insults to his immune system until the first insult was healed?   Why are we taking our healthy newborns and exposing them to things that are anything but healthy?

I guess that's how "Thinking Mom's" are born.  When you start to question.  When you start thinking for yourself.  When you begin doing your own research -- from independent sources not backed by Pharma or the Vaccine Industry.

So that I can sleep better at night, I like to think I allowed that because I didn't know any better.  I didn't.  I had no reason to.  I didn't know anyone with autism.

New mom's today?

There's no excuse.  Ask.  There are so many moms who have children with autism that you know of, who you can ask.  Ask them.  Ask them what you can do different.  What to avoid.  We will gladly tell you.  Research.  There is an abundance of independent information out there to refute the propaganda spewed from those who profit more off sick children then they do healthy children.

With all the information about contraindications for vaccinations, it is each new parents duty to think for themselves before blindly following a protocol that needs to be seriously re-evaluated.  No, not re-evaluated, simply thrown out.

My "mommy alarm" should have screamed loudly on January 14, 1994 when I allowed my Pediatrician to vaccinate my healthy baby against a disease that he could only get if he was sexually active or used dirty needles.  Neither of which is applicable to a ten day old baby.  And even if one day he did either of those things, that vaccination protection would be long gone.

I spent hours scouring Consumer Reports, consulting with friends, doing my own research on the best and safest cribs, high chairs, car seats.  But I spent a whopping total of zero seconds independently researching the reason for, ingredients of, or potential long term side effects of what I allowed to be injected in my child.

When your "mommy alarm" sounds -- don't let anyone silence it.

Because you cannot in fact, go back.

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