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Thursday, June 2, 2016 pictures.

My Life with Autism blog is my main blog...but I created this one for when words aren't really necessary.  I have chronicled my son's vaccine injury (excuse me, his "autism") through pictures and when I get a moment, I try and share them here.

With all the misunderstanding still about autism, how society is still woefully misinformed about it, it is my hopes that these pictures tell a story that "autism" - which for most of us is vaccine injury -   is anything but cute, anything but something to be celebrated, accepted, ignored, covered up...  For my son, it is leaky gut, it is autoimmune encephalopathy, it is seizure upon seizure upon endless seizures that split open his skin, shatter his teeth, break his bones, and knock holes in our walls.

Yes, we are blessed to have those few and far between moments of blinding light in seeing our son as God created him to be before he was fully and irrevocably VAXXED, but most often it is a life of challenge, hardship, and pain.  It is endless moments of leaky gut, incessant humming, aggression, self-injury, silence, pain, confusion, loneliness, financial ruin, discrimination, stress, trauma, and the list goes on.

Those rare moments of light, of seeing Brandon and not vaccine injury, are just enough to keep that fire going, however faintly it smolders.  Those rare moments of light in seeing our children as full of joy as they can be are to me, God's way of saying that no, He hasn't abandoned us.  He loves us and knows what we are going through.  Those rare moments are just enough to make HOPEISM something worth clinging to.  Encouraging us to never quit in the pursuit of the next such moment of light we might capture and cherish.

But make up for all the other times, they do not.

I'll stop with my feeble attempt at words - and let the silence of my son speak.

I truly hope you listen.

And hear from these pictures, what it means to be vaxxed.



~ ~ ~
With this next picture, I dedicate this blog entry to you CDC.  To you Pharma.  To you media.  To all of you who are responsible for this entire generation of children being #VAXXED.

Well said Brandon.

Well said.

The beauty of sign language well spoken.

I will NEVER QUIT trying to make right, this very, very, very, wrong done to you.

I love you Brandon...



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