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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Indomitable Warrior

Today was one of those crazy, mad, wonderful days in Life with Autism... 

I've worked so hard and so long to get Brandon back in Hippotherapy...  For him to get out of the four walls of his home, his school, and do something that would hopefully help him and bring him happiness.  Our ride time is at 11am on Tuesday.  For eight glorious Tuesday's this summer, we get to do something different.  Our 1st ride went better than expected, you can view that story and those pictures by clicking this link.

Last Tuesday would have been our 2nd session, but he woke up with seizures and we had to cancel.  I was heartbroken.  We finally found something we could do, and of all days, he would have a seizure on Tuesday.

Today is Tuesday, our 3rd session.  He woke up having another seizure.  Surely I should play the lottery or something...  My only consolation today, was that they actually needed to cancel as well, as his ride therapist had a sick child and there was no substitute.

So, the day was spent gardening and caring for a recovering Brandon...  When Todd got home after work, I went for a ride to the country to visit a friend and trade some of my abundant tomato harvest for some of her abundant fresh egg harvest.  You can view those pictures of my "country therapy" by clicking here.

When I returned home, my warrior son was up from his seizure.  He ate some food and even took all his supplements.  Typically we lose a whole day of food and supplements.  But not today, he was able to get up and eat.

I captured this picture while he was in the tub...

It struck me so profoundly what an indomitable warrior spirit he has.  This morning gasping for air and choking after a seizure, this evening laughing and smiling in the tub.  It's obvious in the picture that just a few days ago from yet another fall, he broke off the bond on his front tooth.  The bond that was put there from a previous seizure fall.  I think we're on our third or fourth front tooth fix now.  I lost count.  I just know that I have been so crushed each time it happens because it seems like it just never ends for Brandon.  The seizures, the falls, the breaks, the pain, the obstacles.

But today, taking this picture, it also occurred to me as well, how something else about him never ends as well....

His indomitable warrior spirit.

His ability to laugh and smile through anything.

I should learn to do no less.

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