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Monday, April 29, 2013


It's fitting that this is the first entry in this blog - on this eve of the end of yet another dismal Autism Awareness Month.  Dismal in the fact that other than a few cute pictures posted and all too familiar famous quotes and statistics and facts shared --- nothing much has changed.  May 1st will come around and still my e-mail will be full of questions from parents who the medical center has referred to me.

But for me there is almost a guilty feeling -- in that this April, this glorious April, my son has been seizure-free since April 5th.

These pictures and that ending video -- they are what April is to be about.  Taking a very sick child as mine is in the picture below, helping their parent find a physician to partner with -  who as I've shared in my "Life with Autism" blog is IN IT TO WIN IT -  and then basking in the blessing of healing.  Slow, sure, steady healing.

Healing that who knows -- maybe one day will lead to total recovery.

Yet sadly, at the rate April is failing for so many, as it has for me until this year, far too few will ever have the opportunity I had in finding an autism doctor who knows what they are doing.  A physician who can take the oxygen mask off of a child who has autism, and get them to where they are 
free to run.

When every parent can bask in that - then -  and only then -  will April have something to celebrate.

Thank you J.B. -- this post is dedicated to you.

This is my son Brandon during one of too many visits to the Emergency Room for cluster Grand Mal seizures that took so much out of him that he would lay in bed for up to three days at a time, not eating or drinking.  Necessitating we go to the Emergency Room for fluids, and in this case, oxygen too, as he was so very weak.


I had the idea one day, I can't remember what inspired it, but I wanted to write scriptures all over Brandon's bedroom walls.  I wanted him surrounded by God's word and the scriptures that so very many had been praying over Brandon.  This one below from my friend Tonya Frye is especially poignant to me.  So very many years, months, weeks, days, have been lost due to seizures.  And this promise, this promise below conveyed the HOPEISM we hung on to for Brandon.  For our prayers to be answered, for us to find a physician who both would and could help us.  And it also portrays the video at the end of this post. 


Indeed God has begun that restoration process.  Brandon has been seizure-free since April 5th and for the first time in a very long time, he has been strong enough to run.  Really run.  The therapists at Brandon's school recorded the below, the ending to numerous laps run around their little track.

Click here to watch video

~ ~ ~

We know that we have a long way to go.
We know there may be setbacks.
We know that for the severity of Brandon's autism, there may not be full recovery.

But we also know this...


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