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Monday, September 12, 2016

The ultimate price of deception.

Few things disturb me more than deception.  Which is defined as "the act of deceiving someone."  It's why I hate the vaccine industry and all who are a part of it, all who profit from it, and all who are puppets to it.  Not hate in a way that consumes me, simply hate it like a noun.  Not an action verb.  More a matter of fact thing.

All they have done is deceive.

They've deceived an entire generation of parents into thinking the normal childhood illnesses that have been around for generations - are now somehow deadly and will wipe us all off the face of the earth if we don't inject their toxins to save us.  To somehow say to God his perfectly designed immune system was no match for nature.  The nature that God created as well.  That somehow something "man" made in a vaccine could trump something that God perfectly orchestrated in our own immune system with nothing but his voice.

It's that deception that is the reason I'm sharing these pictures I do share on this blog.

I want parents to know the truth.

What the trade off actually is when you think you can trade an acute, normal, fully recoverable childhood illness for the illusion of immunity from an injection.

This is the trade off.

This is vaccine injury.

This is the deception that Senator Pan, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and Pediatricians everywhere are buying into.

That somehow injecting deadly toxins in the bloodstream of a perfectly healthy baby will be better than the non-deadly illness they might never even get.

I woke up this morning to find my son sleeping on this pillow.

I have stumbled upon many such scenes in his life with vaccine injury.

Much like his seizures, you never become immune to the horror of it.  The hatred it stirs.  The sorrow, guilt, and emotional whiplash it causes.  Yet again.

I want to be very clear in saying this......

If Senator Pan wins and SB277 is not only upheld in California but passed in other states as well, if Dr. Bob Sears loses his case with the lynch mob that is the medical licensing board and Pediatricians everywhere become afraid to write medical exemptions, if we as a Nation fail to demand of Congress to subpoena Dr. William Thompson for the CDC fraud committed as documented in the movie VAXXED,  -- if we fail to embrace the truth in how we have been lied to regarding the safety or necessity of vaccines --- this picture --- will be what happens to more and more and more children.

The sum of all that will go wrong in their bodies will be far greater than any perceived threat from an illness they might never even get.

If parents refuse to believe those of us who are begging them to do their own research, it's not they who I will feel sorry for when their child becomes severely vaccine injured as my son is, as so many of my friends children are....

It will be their children I feel sorry for.

They will pay the ultimate price of deception.


I am so sorry Brandon.

So very sorry.

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